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A third set of pictures in my collection of trolleybuses, that have deteriorated with time. By working through programs such as PaintShop Pro, it may be possible to create acceptable images for all visitors to this site to enjoy. I will see what can be achieved. Meanwhile, if you have the software, skills and time, you may care to try your hand in electronic restoration.

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92 Re-worked by Chris Cook
Pictures 92 and 92-2
Photographed at the very top of Wood Green High Road. The bus is travelling north and will shortly pass Wood Green Station and the Wood Green depot. You are very close to Lordship Lane, where buses left for Tottenham, Holborn, Ferry Lane and Woodford.
From: "Chris Cook" <>
This picture would be apt for a Caption Competition.
What is the chap standing in the road gesturing towards the 629 saying to his sceptical-looking colleague?
  1. 'I always preferred the Sunbeams myself'
  2. 'All this fine weather has turned the road magenta'
94 Reworked by Dave Wilsher
Picture 94 and 94r
Jolly Butchers Hill, Wood Green. The Wood Green depot can be glimpsed behind the hoarding to the right of the bus. The bus would very soon pass the frog to continue straight up the High Road and Green Lanes towards Palmers Green, whilst 521/621s would turn right into Bowes Road for New Southgate. To the right of the picture can be glimpsed the copula that was on top of the Wood Green Borough Council central library [you were standing in front of it when the earlier Wood Green pictures were taken] which has been replaced by a very utilitarian building of a type much favored by Haringey Council.
From: "Robert Wyburn" <>
The trolleybus is just about to reach the frog where 521/621 turn LEFT along BOUNDS GREEN ROAD. I don't know if the Green Corner Café is still there, but it was until fairly recently.

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95 Reworked by Dave Wilsher Reworked by Dave Wilsher Reworked by Dave Wilsher
Pictures 95, 95r, 95ra and 95rb
At the Enfield Town terminus of route 629. I wonder how many enthusiasts and photographers would have used the long defunct ABC restaurant as the buses lined up? This scene of Enfield hasn't changed very much over the last forty years. All the buildings remain unchanged except the sun blinds and the pavement canopy of Stowells.

Dave Wilsher uses Adobe PhotoShop 5.5 and Intellihance Pro 4, as suggested by Chris Cook, but still finds it no easy task restoring a faded photo. As an alternative approach he now paints in the missing colour in order make the photo more vivid and perhaps a little more the way it once was. Picture 95ra gives an idea of what he means. It is then overlaid with the original to get a compromise between bright colour and detail. The finished result is shown in Picture 95rb. It's a bit brighter with greater detail. David Bradley says - Well done Dave!
From: "Robert Wyburn" <>
The pictures are indeed taken in Enfield Town, but the buses have already left the stand, which was along the side of Pearson's department store in Sydney Road. 95 is near the market Square, 96 is turning into London Road.
Conversion to those nasty, new-fangled Routemasters took place when I was 8. Enfield was never the same again ...
Off to wipe my eyes ...
96 Reworked by Dave Wilsher
Pictures 96 and 96r
This is a shot of the Enfield Town terminus, the bus is leaving for the West End and is "turning the loop" to commence the run
97 97a
Picture 97
#1197 on route 649 pulls out from the front of Enfield Bus Garage [Ponders End] Terminus, turning right to go back to the Hertford Road and then onto to its London Termini.

The pictures on this page have been improved through the skills of "Chris Cook" <>
or "Dave Wilsher" <> providing in one case, three restoration options!

Acknowledgements to "Peter Golds" <>
who has peered through the gloom to provide most of the caption information with
"Peter Coventry" <> adding comments for Picture 97