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The last selection of 'deteriorated' pictures are really considered to be beyond electronic restoration - they are simply presented for their historical interest. Some pictures on this page are only in thumbnail format.

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80 Pancras Road
Pancras Road
Pictures 80, 80r and 80x
From: "Martin Gray" <>
The bus in York Way, Kings Cross is nice because it shows how friendly and inviting the tungsten saloon lamps were over the dreaded flouro. A nice effects picture. [See also the notes below].
86 Reworked by Chris Cook
Pictures 86 and 86r
From: "Peter Golds" <>
The K class trolley on the 629 is crossing Holloway Road from Seven Sisters Road at the Nag's Head. The picture includes an excellent shot of the Nag's Head overhead, the 629 is on the middle wire and an unknown bus can be seen on the outer wire having turned from Seven Sisters Road into the Holloway Road.

From: "Andrew Hall" <>
Ref: "Pictures 80, 80r & 80x"   The Trolleybus is in [what was until a couple of years away] Pancras Way, having just passed under the Midland Railway Bridges, just out of St. Pancras Station, travelling towards Parliament Hill Fields. The road to the right is Midland Road.

This site has changed dramatically in the last year or so, the viaduct and bridges have all disappeared [demolished], Pancras Way, Goods Way & Camley Street all meet at a cross road, where Pancras Way turns left under the end of St. Pancras East station [the large bike shed on stilts which is used by Midland Mainline].

[York Way is on the Eastern side of Kings Cross Station this is to the West of St. Pancras Station. The road is/was "Pancras Way" not "St. Pancras Way" as some people always miss pronounce].

From: "John Doherty" <>
Thank you for such an interesting website. I am not a trolleybus 'nut', but I find it is most enjoyable to have trolleybus memories from childhood refreshed. A pedantic point about Problem Pic. 80 [80R & 80X]: The bus is stated to be in York Way,Kings Cross. This is not correct. The bus is in fact in Pancras Road, NW1 having just passed under bridge spans Nose. 1,2 & 3, in that order, of the Midland Main Railway line. The north end of the arch of the station train shed of St. Pancras mainline terminal is visible in the top right of the photograph.

It would appear to me the photographer was standing on or about the north corner of the junction with Phoenix Road, NW1 [This part of that road now called Brill Place]. Most of the area in the picture and more is now gone. Bridge spans, brick work and all the Gothic arches under the line from the north end of the train shed to St. Pancras Old Church gardens all demolished and the road part excavated to make way for the concrete, steel and glass of the new Channel Tunnel rail line terminal. I think I preferred it as it was!

88 Camden Road and Holloway Road
Pictures 88 and 88r
From: "Chris Hall" <>
Junction of Camden Road and Holloway Road. The 659 is turning left into Holloway Road and the trolley in the background is just leaving Caledonian Road.
103 Reworked by Chris Cook
Pictures 103 and 103r
From: "Chris Cook" <>
Aldgate Minories Terminus - it was getting dark, it was wet, and the original picture is slightly out of focus anyway [camera shake from low shutter speed - examine the bread advert on the wall].