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A small selection of pictures are presented here to show the extent of deterioration of many of the slides in my collection. Perhaps by working through programs such as Paintshop Pro, it may be possible to create an acceptable image for all visitors to this site. I will see what I can achieve. Meanwhile, if you have the software, skills and time, you may care to try your hand in electronic restoration.

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Stamford Hill Stamford Hill
Restoration by Mick Hannam
Pictures 73 and 73mh
Stamford Hill. 1430 is about to cross Stamford Hill itself having come up Amhurst Park and will then travel down Clapton Common to Hackney. The cinema is long gone and is now a branch of Safeway. The other buildings are still recognisable. This section of the 653 always carried very heavy loads of passengers and alternate buses always operated Aldgate/Finsbury Park rather than travelling on to Tottenham Court Road.
Stamford Hill Stamford Hill
Restoration by Dave Wilsher
Pictures 74 and 74r
Stamford Hill, looking towards Clapton Common, where a 653 is coming up Clapton Common for either Finsbury Park or Tottenham Court Road. The intersection covered the main Hertford Road/Kingsland Road routes. You can see a 647 which will have done a "U" turn on Stamford Hill (would that be allowed today?) and will lay over for a short while, before leaving for London Docks. There was a passing wire just south of where the picture was taken to enable the 647s to halt and the other buses to carry on down. Such was the density of traffic that there was a little hut for a "linesman" to operate the frog.
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Tottenham Court Road Tottenham Court Road
Restoration by Dave Wilsher
Pictures 83 and 83r
The bus is about to enter the Tottenham Court Road turning Circle. This was south of where the trams terminated but still a distance from Oxford Street, which was the originally intended terminal area. Tottenham Court Road is now completely one way and no traffic travels in a southerly direction. Some of the buildings, including the block of mansion flats are recognisable today.
Nag's Head on the Holloway Road Nag's Head on the Holloway Road
Restoration by
Pictures 85 and 85r
The Nag's Head on the Holloway Road at the immediate point where buses travelling northwards turned into Seven Sisters Road. The 679 is doing exactly that, whilst the 609 continues on the outer wire straight up the Holloway Road towards the Archway. Sadly the Holloway Arcade has now passed into history like the Marlborough Cinema [formerly Theatre] beyond it. On revisiting the area a couple of years back, I found yet another monstrosity where the Arcade used to be. The Nag's Head has, appallingly, been renamed "Neills" and is now another theme pub. Local pressure resulted in a notice saying ...."formerly the Nag's Head"

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