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A forth set of pictures in my collection of trolleybuses, that have deteriorated with time. By working through programs such as Paintshop Pro, it may be possible to create acceptable images for all visitors to this site to enjoy. I will see what can be achieved. Meanwhile, if you have the software, skills and time, you may care to try your hand in electronic restoration.

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Enfield Bus Garage Enfield Bus Garage
Pictures 98 and 98r
Highgate's 1544 is at the Enfield Bus Garage terminal point. This was the only point on the system where trolleybuses terminated in a bus garage forecourt, although buses terminated at Bexleyheath Depot!
Hertford Road at Ellenor Cross Hertford Road at Ellenor Cross
Pictures 101 and 101r
Waltham Cross. The 649 has left the terminus and is turning into Hertford Road at Ellenor Cross.
102 Reworked by Dave Wilsher
Pictures 102 and 102r
Outside Tramway Avenue Edmonton. The Trolleybus cafe and road to the depot are behind the splendid line of trolleys
106 Reworked by Angela
Pictures 106 and 106r
Finsbury Square, Moorgate.

"Dave Wilsher" <> has taken on the challenge
and re-worked pictures 98, 101 and 102, with his daughter, aged just 10, providing
an improvement to picture 106 - Well done! PhotoImpact was the software package.

Acknowledgements for caption information to "Peter Golds" <>,
"Stephen Morrey"<>, "Ken (of Enfield)" <>.
and "Mike Chumbley" <>