London Trolleybus on Route 629 on Jolly Butchers Hill

From: "Shirley Pugh" <>

Jolly Butchers Hill
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Thank you so much for all your efforts to produce this website. It is exactly what I was hoping to find!

I'm compiling my family history and as my Dad was a trolleybus driver from Finchley Depot these fit the bill!

Can I just point out that the 521 after coming up Jolly Butchers Hill would turn LEFT into BOUNDS GREEN ROAD on its way to New Southgate and then on to Finchley. Hope you don't mind my telling you!! As my Dad drove these and we lived at Bounds Green, its something I'm sure of. Not always certain of a lot of things these days though!!

Please pass my gratitude to all the others involved in producing this website. I've only been on the Net for a relatively short time, but never cease to be amazed at the info available from people like yourselves. A big thank you.

All I would like now is to find photographs of the bus depots at Finchley, Wood Green and Palmers Green. My Dad worked in all three in the order I've shown.