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From: Hugh Taylor

Many of you may be familiar with my name [Hugh Taylor] for I am the author of 'London Trolleybus Routes' produced by Capital Transport. I have also been responsible for compiling the 4 LTPS London Trolleybus picture books.

I am currently working on two more books for Capital, one being 'London Trolleybus Depots', and the other being 'The London Trolleybus Conversion Programme'. The depots book is in an advanced stage of preparation with a planned publication date of early next year. The depots book will include photos of interiors and exteriors of depots, and what went on inside them. Two of the mouth watering aspects of the book will be wiring layouts for each depot and facsimiles of trolleybus blinds. This will mean that there will be a complete listing of each depot's blinds in one volume. However there are gaps at present and I will be grateful if any of you could respond to tell me whether you have blind listings or actual blinds from the following:

If you own a London Transport trolleybus blind I would be grateful to have a listing of the destinations to confirm what is already known.

I do not have many photographs of BW, CT, EM or Wandsworth. If anyone is aware of good photos of these depots, I would be grateful to be able to use these. With regard to the conversion book, I have prepared a chapter on trolleybus 622, which was West Ham's first and last trolleybus. I have seen a photo [not London Transport's] of it on its inaugural run on 6th June 1937, in Prince Regent Lane, near the Greengate pub. If any of you are familiar with this picture, please let me know - and does anybody know where her plaque is?

The only mystery with regard to finding out what was the last vehicle into each depot concerns Ilford. I think I have found out what happened, but if there is someone who could confirm the last movements into Ilford depot early on 19th August 1959 this would be great. I do have a picture of the last service trolleybus from Fairlop arriving at the depot but the photographer's name is not recorded. It is quite conceivable that this gentleman may have others taken at the time. To have access to any other last night shots at Ilford would be nice.

I am also assisting Ken Blacker, who is revising 'Trolleybus'. This book will be in two parts; 1909 - 1946 and 1947 - 1962. He is looking for a few photographs which so far have proved elusive. These are near side shots of a D3 [494-553], E1 [554-603], E3 [629-653], and F1 [654-753] when they were brand new.

Also required are ANY pictures of a K3 [1672-1696], and a P1 [1697-1721] when they were brand new. Also required is a bodybuilder's picture of an SA3 [1747-1764].

Any assistance with other early material [but do not include anything from Charles Klapper] would be appreciated but please respond quite quickly as the first part of the book is in an advanced stage of preparation for a publication date in November.

My email address is: Hugh Taylor <>.