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Items for Disposal

I am writing to you to ask whether members of your contacts would be interested in any of my husband's bus collection.

My husband died in March 2005 and was a keen bus enthusiast. He spent most of his life working within the bus industry as a mechanical engineer and he wrote books/articles for many of the leading magazines. He was also a keen photographer and many of his photographs appeared in magazines.

In my husband's will, he expressed the wish that his bus collection is to be sold and this includes many of his bus books, manuals, fleet lists, bus badges etc. At the moment, my daughter has catalogued all of his bus books and is in the process of cataloguing his technical drawings/bus manuals which are currently held in storage. We are keen to sell many of his things privately as my husband was particular in how things were to be sold. A few things will be auctioned either through ebay or an auction house.

We were wondering if visitors to this site would be interested in purchasing any of my late husband's books including manuals. A listing of the items currently available can be emailed to those interested. Packaging and mailing costs will be added to any purchase.

Please email Margaret Truran for further information.

Restoration of London Trolleybus #1348 - Appeal for Funds

London Trolleybus #1348 [Class K2] is presently stored securely with other vehicles at Castle Rudderey in Ireland. Its current condition is poor; complete, but with superficial vandalism. There are restoration plans for this vehicle hinging on moving it to Sandtoft through a 12 year loan agreement. If you would like to support the appeal for funds, please send your donation to Sandtoft Transport Centre Ltd, Belton Road, Sandtoft, Doncaster, DN8 5SX, United Kingdom.

More information is available from Brian Maguire.

From: Terry Russell

It struck me that you may be able to help with a request for a drawing of Hastings trolleybus No.21-30 built 1946 park Royal body on Sunbeam W chassis. They went on to Bradford but were probably re-bodied there. Do you have a notice board on your site where this plea for help could be posted? No good trying the tram e-group as they cannot help with anything I ask for.

Please respond to Terry Russell.

Picture requests for this site

I would very much like to add to these pictures to this site:

  1. West Croydon crossing showing both a trolleybus and a tram in the same picture. [Period 1935-1951].
  2. Picture in Tamworth Road showing a tram on route 30. Better still both a tram on route 30 and a trolleybus on route 654 in the same picture. [Period 1935-1937].
  3. Further pictures on Route 612 to display on this site.

Do you have such a picture[s] that could be use? Please respond to .

From: John Linge

It has just occurred to me after finding your requests page that someone might be able to help me. I found 'David Bradley Online' after "surfing" in vain to try and obtain the Capital Transport book on the STLs. I have an interest in all of London Transport, but, unfortunately, this is the only one of this excellent series that I don't have. If it were possible for anyone to help me locate a copy, I should be very grateful.

Please respond to John Linge.

From: Ric Francis

Ric Francis, in Australia, is writing an article on the history of Trams and Trolleybuses in Penang and is desperately seeking pictures of London trolleybuses exported to the former British Colony of Penang [near Malaysia]. The trolleybuses in question were of C1 class Nos 138, 142, 148, 175 and 183 and were withdrawn in London early in 1956. They saw service in Penang only on one route, because of their size, from May 1956 until the closure of that system on 31 July 1961.

If any visitor to this WEB site can offer further pictures or information then Ric Francis would really appreciate hearing from you. If you know of any pictures of the group of trolleybuses operating in London, please let him know also and if they could be used on this site, that would be nice.

More Information.

From: William Aldridge

Bill is seeking photographs and operational details of the London Transport CDS/Service Vehicle Fleet are required for a forthcoming book on the subject. It is due to be published in hardback format in the new year. The text is almost complete, but the authors would appreciate any reminiscences from the era 1939 to 2000 on any aspect of the CDS operation.

Please contact William Aldridge or call +44 (0)7968 069 407.