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Penhall Road - The graveyard for London's Trams
Picture HT5
Picture HT12
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Picture HT7
Picture HT8
Picture HT9
Picture HT4

Between July 1950 and January 1953, on average of one tram was broken up and destroyed by fire every day at this scrap yard in Charlton, South East London. A few escaped from this graveyard, notably a large batch of "Feltham's" to Leeds with others either finding their way either to Sunderland or into preservation. Car 1858 was privately purchased with the aim of providing rides at Chessington Zoo, but it only remained a static exhibit there until finding a new home at the East Anglia Transport Museum many years later.

From: "Chris 'fufas' Grace"
Penhall Road is long gone, but I used to go to the old Charlton works in the early 1970s when it had been converted into a Bacon Factory. It's still shown on London street maps to this day.

From: "Hugh Taylor" <>
Cohen's also broke up eighty seven LT trolleybuses at Penhall Road, Charlton in 1959.

London Trams that you can ride on Today
MET 'Feltham' 331
Picture AD1
MET331 - At the
Crich Tramway Village
 London Tram 1858 and Trolleybus 260
Picture 1212
LT1858 - At the East Anglia Transport Museum
 London Tram 1622
Picture BT1
LT1622 - At the
Crich Tramway Village
LCC Tram 106
Picture O1
LCC106 - At the
Crich Tramway Village
Background Information to this group of pictures.

From: "Andy Ducker" <>
On picture AD1. I was there on the day of the relaunch of Crich into the Tramway Village, and a glorious day to boot, so plenty of sun and plenty of trams. My digital camera is only a 1.3 mega pixel [top of the range when purchased three years go] and produces excellent results in strong sun light although pictures taken on dull days can be disappointing. The copyright of this picture remains with me but may be used on this site. [MET Car 331 was LTs 2168 and as such was sold to Sunderland in February 1937]. Other pictures taken by me on that day.

From: "Terry Russell" <>
On picture BT1. Never a "Rehab" [Class E/1r was an Ian Allan invention] in its original life but made one by the LCCTT as there is already an E/1 #1025 at Convent Garden, so it was decided to make #1622 into a "Rehab" car as if the originally intended number of cars to be so treated by LPTB had been adhered to then this car would have been done. It is a wonderful specimen. Picture reproduced by the kind permission of Kevin Bates.

From: "Pat and David Othen" <>
Picture O1 of LCC #106 is reproduced by the kind permission of Pat and David Othen.
See their web site at

A few monochrome pictures of London's trams in the early 1900's
Elephant & Castle Picture 7509
Looking down London Road from the Elephant & Castle. The end building with the checker board effect is the underground station of the Baker Street and Waterloo Railway [Bakerloo].

The tram on route 36 is returning from the embankment via Blackfriars [a short working to Plumstead] and that on route 68 has come from Waterloo.

There was a large temperance presence on LCC which prohibited the names of public houses as route destinations and yet here we see the trams advertising Black & White and Allsopps Larger! This is why the Eltham trams terminated at Middle Park Avenue and not The Yorkshire Grey.
At Hammersmith during the construction of the UndergrounD Picture 7511
At Hammersmith during the construction of the UndergrounD.
Manor House
Picture 7503
Manor House with car 1154 at this terminus.
Old Kent Road c1919
Picture 7508
Old Kent Road c1919.
Trams 1244 [E1], 234 [B] and 503 [E] in convey along this road.
Westminster Bridge
Picture 7507
Westminster Bridge.
An LGOC 'B' Type bus and an 'F' Class single deck tram, to pass through Kingsway Subway, are noteworthy vehicles on the bridge.
The Elephant c1911
Picture 7504
The Elephant c1911.
Seen here are classes A, B, C, D, E and E/1 with an LGOC 'X' type just showing.
On the Embankment
Picture 7506
On the Embankment.
Another 1919 picture showing trams 1545 [E/1], 376 [D] and 463 [E].
A horse tram at Charlton c1908
Picture 7502
A 3'6" gauge horse tram at Charlton c1908.
The houses in the background are still there and don't look much different. A short part of this side of the road is unchanged. The other side has been completely demolished and rebuilt. A few yards along the road on the photographers side is the LCC central repair depot, later used for trolleybuses as well. It was then used as a factory by Airfix. This has now disappeared as part of the redevelopment of the Greenwich Peninsular.
Tram derailment at the corner of Blackfriars Bridge and the Embankment in March 1919
Picture 7533
Tram derailment at the corner of Blackfriars Bridge and the Embankment in March 1919. The building with the curved front is Unilever House.
Upper Street, Islington
Picture BP1
Upper Street, Islington looking south towards St. Mary's church. On the left is the local fire station. An LCC double-decker tram is approaching, followed by an open top omnibus. St. Mary's church was blitzed, but later rebuilt.
Highbury Corner, Early 1900s
Picture BP2
Highbury Corner and the grand facade of the North London Railway Highbury & Islington station hotel. On the left is the "Cock at Highbury" tavern and the foreground shows the railings at the end of Compton Terrace. On the right, you are looking north up Holloway Road. There is a variety of tram traffic, including both single and double-decker vehicles. What appears to be a double-decker omnibus can be seen roughly in the centre.

During WW II, the entire area was devastated when it received a direct hit from a V1 [or V2] German missile in 1944.
More Information
Tram Interchange at Norbury between Croydon and LCC cars Picture HT15
The Tram Interchange at Norbury between Croydon and LCC cars - an inconvenience for tram passengers for twenty years or so. Taken c1920 it shows CCT 38 and LCC 1084 [E/1].

The LCC E/1 cars and through running to Purley on routes 16/18.
Visitors Comments on this page.

From: "Peter Chatterton" <>
Wonderful pictures, full of nostalgia. I liked the one of the Elephant & Castle from which we were 'bombed-out'. Very few pictures exist of this area so the background material of these photographs have a real historic interest.

From: "Sarah and Willem Lewis" <>
I just wanted to say how fascinating I find your trolleybus website. I am too young to remember these wonderful carriages myself, but I loved recognising the London landmarks. I found the graveyard ones quite upsetting! What a shame these wonderful buses are no more!

I see that all the pictures are copyrighted [understandably so] so I will send the link on to my elderly mother who I hope will understand how to navigate round the pictures - they will certainly bring back some memories to her.

Keep up the good work.

The captions to pictures numbered 75** are by John King.

Pictures of London Tram models