Highbury Corner - Early 1900s

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From: "Barry J. Page" <bjp1map@hurontel.on.ca>

I would like to add to your photographic collection of North London trams, with this picture showing a scene in Islington sometime in the early 1900s and welcome any further comment and observation on this picture.

Growing up around Highbury Corner, I used the trams and trolleybuses. The trolleybus routes were the 609, 611 and 679, so I was particularly pleased to see the photos of the venerable 611 climbing Highgate Hill, and a 679 turning into Seven Sisters Road at the Nag's Head. This trolley junction was, I believe, the busiest and most complicated overhead wiring interchange in London. The highlight of the tram journey for me, however, was the journey through the Kingsway tunnel and out onto the Embankment under Waterloo Bridge. Always an adventure!

I appreciate all the hard work put into creating this Web site.

From: "John Prentice" <john.prentice@tramways.freeserve.co.uk>

The trams are all those of the London County Council Tramways. The two double deckers are of class "E" dating from 1906. The single decker, also from 1906, is of class "G". These single deckers were built for operation through the Kingsway Tram Subway.

The bus in the middle is a horse bus.