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A selection of pictures from David Stevens photographic collection
that has lain undisturbed for the last 30 years
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Village Road, Enfield, just before the junction with Bush Hill and Ridge Avenue
Picture 003
Village Road, Enfield, just before the junction with Bush Hill and Ridge Avenue. The trolleybus is heading away from Enfield towards Winchmore Hill.
Hanwell Broadway
Picture 052
Hanwell Broadway opposite the depot
Uxbridge Road
Picture 053
Uxbridge Road exit from Hanwell Depot
Uxbridge trolleybus terminus
Picture 054
Uxbridge terminus
Picture 057
Picture 085
Jessamine Road Picture 087
The vehicle is in Jessamine Road which had a single line of wiring linking Boston Manor Road and is approaching the back entrance to HL and was used as a turning loop by 655s.
Moorgate, Finsbury Square
Picture 090
Moorgate, Finsbury Square
Hampton Court Road
Picture 325
Hampton Court. The 667 is entering Hampton Court Road, having left its terminal stand and gone round the roundabout.
Fulwell Depot
Picture 326
Fulwell Depot
Picture 098
Bottom of Parkhurst Road just beyond Walters Road
Finsbury Park turning loop
Picture 100
Finsbury Park turning loop
Claremont Road St.Marks Hill
Pictures 137 and 139
The trolleybus seen in the picture on the left is facing Surbiton Railway Station at the bus stop in Claremont Road. When it pulls away it will turn left into St.Marks Hill passing the trolleybus shown in the adjacent picture.
Kingston Bridge
Picture 141
The roundabout at the western end of Kingston Bridge
Kingston Bridge
Picture 142
Kingston Bridge
Picture 143
Outside Stamford Hill Depot
Colindale Depot
Picture 157
Colindale Depot
Edmonton Depot
Picture 163
Looking south at Edmonton Depot
Tottenham Court Road
Picture 164
Tottenham Court Road.
This can be dated to between Feb and Apr 1961. The RM is on the 253 which went first in Stage 9, the 627/629 following in Stage 10
Picture 166
Passing Wood Green Depot on Jolly Butchers Hill.
Hertford Road
Picture 169
Hertford Road at the entrance to Tramway Avenue which was the street leading to EM. On the corner can be seen the "Trolley Bus Cafe".
Tramway Avenue Memories
Picture 170
This vehicle is standing at the end of Tramway Avenue, the depot visible in the background and the corner of the Cafe on the left hand side.
Edmonton depot
Picture 167
Edmonton depot
Fore Street, Edmonton
Picture 172
Fore Street Edmonton just north of the junction with Angel Road and Silver Street [The North Circular Road]
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Picture 175
Picture 190
Edmonton Depot
Outside Stonebridge depot
Picture 231
Outside Stonebridge depot.
Jolly Butchers Hill at Wood Green
Picture 253
Jolly Butchers Hill at Wood Green with the trolleybus approaching the junction with Bounds Green Road, just slightly north of the depot entrance.
Picture 275
Picture 297
Isleworth Depot
Fulwell depot
Picture 307
Fulwell depot.
Wellington Road
Picture 308
Wellington Road on the west side of FW with the Sixth Cross Road/South Road junction visible in the distance.
Hampton Court Road
Picture 309
Hampton Court. The 667 has just left the stand and is about to circle the roundabout to go into Hampton Court Road which the photographer is facing with Bushy Park in the background.
Picture 314
King Street, Twickenham
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Tolworth Red Lion
Picture 315
Tolworth Red Lion
Tolworth Red Lion
Picture 316
Tolworth Red Lion
Dewirement in Kingston
Picture 319
Rush hour dewirement in Kingston
London trolleybus 1473 London trolleybus 1473 London trolleybus 1473 London trolleybus 1473
Pictures 321 - 324
A photographic onslaught on trolleybus 1473 while at The Dittons terminus

Acknowledgements to "Roly Wilcox" <> and
"Colin Duffield" <> for help with some caption information