Trolleybus in Jessamine Road

Jessamine Road
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From: "Anita Jones" <>

My Dad was telling my son about trolley buses and I looked on the net to show him a picture and was amazed to see the picture of Jessamine Road come up. My Dad was brought up all his life in Jessamine road [my Nan and Granddad lived in the road for about 55ish years only moving in 1999 when Granddad was ill and needed ground floor accommodation].

My Dad had the following comment on this picture:
"The trolleybus is in Jessamine Road which had a single line of wiring linking Boston Manor Road and is approaching the back entrance to Hanwell trolleybus depot and was used as a turning loop by 655's.The black car on the left of the picture is Granddad's Vauxhall Velox."

My Dad also told me that all the other cars in this picture belong to the shops at the end of the road - my Granddad was the only person in the road who had a car at this time.

Not any information of amazing value but just wanted to share it with you and what memories your site bought back for my Dad. Unfortunately my Granddad passed away two years ago - but we are going to take the laptop when we visit my Nan so she can see the picture as she still misses Jessamine Road and I know she will love to see this picture.

Good luck with your web site.