Trolleybuses in Fore Street, Edmonton

 Fore Street, Edmonton
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From: "Jim Fletcher" <>

Fore Street Edmonton just north of the junction with Angel Road and Silver Street [The North Circular Road]. The huge Regal Cinema can clearly be seen in the background. [since pulled down and replaced by a 'Safeway' supermarket].

I've been a Bus Driver for 19 years serving out of four garages, Leyton, Walthamstow, Barking and currently Romford.

I've seen the website proposing the return of Trolleys in the East London area, it's a bold but positive step at the getting something done to improve London's bus service. If it's done right, this will attract people from cars back to public transport. If it does happen, I'll probably be one of the first drivers to work on them! [if I put my name down quick enough!]

Great site!

From: "Bob How" <>

Great photo - I've never seen this view before, whether bus related or not. I remember the spot well - there was a fishing tackle shop just out of shot to the left, outside of which my lovely Toledo bicycle was stolen!

This is Upper Edmonton of course, looking towards Tottenham and the three trolleybuses remind me of the Flanders and Swann song, Transport of Delight - "we like to drive in convoys, we're most gregarious". I wonder if my father is driving one of these - he was based at Edmonton for more than thirty years.

Well done!