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Route 630 ran between Harrow Road [Scrubs Lane] and West Croydon Station
Passing through: Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith, Putney Bridge, Wandsworth,
Garratt Lane, Tooting, Mitcham Common and Tamworth Road
The route also had journeys running from Tooting Broadway to the old Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium in Summerstown
whenever the greyhound racing was on. These special workings on route 630 being referred to as the 'Dog Specials'.

Route journey time: 77 minutes   Service interval 5-10 minutes
Service introduced on 12 September 1937 - Ceased on 19 July 1960

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Station Road, west Croydon
Picture 413
Station Road
West Croydon
Then & Now
Picture 57
West Croydon
Then & Now
Picture 418
Tamworth Road adjacent to 'The Eagle' Public House
Then & Now
Picture 543
415 417 414 419
Pictures 415, 417, 414 and 419
Quite a number of pictures at the Mitcham Road Junction so they have been grouped together. Items to particularly note is the friendly gesture from motorist GWW 369; the style of pram [like the demise of the trolleybus, was shortly to be changed for ever] and every traction supply pole with a conversion notice posted on it! What a relaxed attitude to parking in 1959 with a randomly abandoned scooter on a 'busy' roundabout. Still there wasn't so much traffic then compared with today.
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Picture GB2
#1721 at Croydon Barracks on 16 July 1960
Picture 557
Mitcham Road
Reader's memories of the Mitcham Road area and the former tram depot in Aurelia Road
Picture 551
Mitcham Road
Picture 556
From the Lombard Roundabout look up Thornton Road towards the Pond
Reader's memories of this location
Picture PW1
A very wild looking Mitcham Common
Picture 67
Mitcham Common
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Picture 68
Mitcham Common
Picture 69
Mitcham Common
Picture 70
Mitcham Common
Then & Now
Picture 71
Mitcham Common
Picture 72
Tooting Junction
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Picture CR217
Picture GB1
#1709 at Hammersmith depot on 17 July 1960
544 545
Pictures 544 and 545
Scrubs Lane / Harrow Road Junction
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Picture GB3
#746 turning out of Letchford Gardens into Harrow Road on 7 May 1960

Pictures GB1-3 are reproduced by the kind permission of Geoff Bannister.
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Picture PW1 is from the Peter Wright collection.