London Trolleybus on Route 630 at Mitcham Road Junction [Lombard Roundabout]

Mitcham Road Junction [Lombard Roundabout]
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From: "Colin Parker" <>

As an avid trolleybus fan all my life, your pictures of the 630 were a blast from the past for me. I spent many hours getting car and trolleybus numbers standing on the roundabout in Mitcham Road called Four Cross now Lombank. Even the garage on the corner of Canterbury Road where I used to help out is featured in picture 556 - I lived just out of view in Lancing Road [off Canterbury Road].

The pictures of Lombard roundabout have a lot of nostalga for me and my family as it is where we we all born as not only myself and my brother was born in 30a Lancing Road but we also had two uncles with 14 children between them in the same street i.e. 25 and at 31 also one of these cousins also lived in 27 with his family so there was a lot of Parkers there in the 20's - 80's. We also had more uncles in Canterbury Road and Mitcham Road. My own father was born in Longfellows Road which was renamed to Donald Road in the 20's and is the next road up Canterbury from Lancing Road. Lancing Road was origanally Dryden Road and was changed at the same time.

The barracks was built on Myrtle Road East where my grandfather was born. Mitcham Road also has a lot of good and bad memories for me as I went to Lanfranc Boys School at the time of the Stavanger Air Crash in which I think 28 boys? and 2 teachers died. I used to walk to school in the smog counting trolly poles to know when I had arrived at the school gates I think it was 13 poles from the paper shop at the roundabout to the school.

From: "Brian Porter" <> [Thousand Oaks, California]

As an ex-pat from West Croydon, now living in California, I really enjoyed the pictures of the 654 and 630. Although not a trolley bus connoisseur, I lived in Croydon Grove [just north of the Sumner Rd/Mitcham Rd crossroads] and remember the trolleybuses and catching them either to Mitcham Fair or up to West Croydon station. Brought a lump to the throat. Thanks for the wonderful memories