Line Opened: 30.9.1952
Closed: 22.1.1973
Reus - Tarragona
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Length 14 km

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Entering Tarragona from Reus
Picture E243
A Q1 is entering Tarragona from Reus on the N420 road.
Francolí River Bridge
Picture E247
A Q1 is seen on the Francolí river bridge leaving Tarragona to Reus.
Tarragona Depot
Picture E252
Tarragona depot with one Vetra ex-Zaragoza from the 15-18 batch between a couple of Q1s.
Picture MC1

A project to link both towns was started in 1940, but problems during World War II, with the shortage of materials, delayed the opening until 1952. The line was built along the N-420 main road only as a single overhead line, placed in the centre of the road, with several passing loops but where necessay vehicles travelling towards Reus always de-poled to allow the oncoming vehicle to pass.

The Depot was in Tarragona but the power supply only permitted 2 or 3 trolleybuses to operate at any one time. On the suburban route extension to Torreforta [in Tarragona], the voltage supply went as low as 450 volts.

In the early 1970s the service was unable to cope with the increasing passenger numbers so the trolleybus service was supplemented with second hand 'Pegaso Monotral 6035' buses. The trolleybus network was abandoned through the lack of available spares for the existing fleet and the unavailability of a further source of cheap trolleybuses.

The fleet was from several origins and there were 2 trailers to cope with peak traffic and 2 trolley lorries, converted later to passenger service.

No vehicles have been preserved although the remains of the former depot still exists as a motor car showrooms. Its location is just in front of the Tobaco building in Tarragona.

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