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Special Events at Sandtoft Transport Centre

Sent: 20 April 2005 22:08

Those with an interest in Sandtoft may not be aware that there are a number of Theme Days this year amongst the normal ones, building on the successful Bradford [2002] and Huddersfield [2003] events [30 years after Bradford/Britain's trolleybus closure and 35 after Huddersfield's].

These will be as follows:

April 30th & May 1/2: Southern Weekend, featuring trolleybuses from the south of England [Maidstone, Bournemouth, Reading - possibly London, although 1812 is having its diffs replaced at the moment. Maidstone 72 will be running for the first time since overhaul and restoration].

May 28/29/30: Wartime Weekend, featuring trolleybuses built pre-war or during the war [from Derby, Bournemouth, Reading, Liege], plus army vehicles and a wartime theme. South Shields 204 should also be launched back into service after major 3-year restoration.

July 31st. Annual Gathering featuring as many trolleybuses as we can muster!

August 20/21: North East Weekend, featuring trolleybuses and motorbuses from that part of the country [South Shields, Teeside no.2 on demonstration runs hopefully, AND special guest Newcastle 501]

August 27/28/29: European Weekend featuring as many continental trolleybuses that we can run.

Newcastle 501 will also run on the 6-wheeler weekend [September 24/25].