Special Tour of London Trolleybus in Reading on 8 October 1967

 #260 at Reading West Station
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From: "Paul Dicken" <pcdicken@hotmail.com>

It made me very nostalgic reading about low bridge clearances for trolleybuses. I lived in Reading, [Berkshire, UK for overseas readers] which is a town of low bridges, two of which were on a trolleybus route. My house was a few hundred metres from Reading West Station and I never recall seeing a dewirement there. That bridge and an even lower bridge in Caversham Road had troughing and [the double-deck] trolleybuses usually went very slowly under the one in Caversham Road but at more or less normal speed at the other.

The most dewirements I saw were at the central Broad Street/West Street crossing where the four routes crossed. There were at least at least four overhead turning options at the junction so the overhead wiring was very complex and trolleybuses crossed there gingerly. It was one of the few sites where a spare bamboo pole was hung on a nearby standard as getting 4 metres of pole out from under a trolleybus at that junction was both an achievement and dicing with death!