London Trolleybuses - Uxbridge Terminus

Uxbridge Terminus
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Terminus at EATM
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Notes by David Bradley

Perhaps not very apparent from my picture 1145 but the Uxbridge Terminus seen in picture LT 344 reminded me very much of the main terminus of the East Anglia Transport Museum at Carlton Colville. Trolleybus #1768 has been at both locations and might have been captured in picture LT 344, if the photographer had been there at different time.

This scene could have been so very easily replicated at Carlton Colville [complete with a London E1 tram in the background as well] over the years but seldom, if ever, seems to be the case. Now that chance has gone for ever with the return of #1768 back to London Transport in September 2000. I gather that it is most unlikely that #1768 will ever run under its own power again.