Memories of Liverpool's trams


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From: "Jim Thomas" <>

Sorry to be a whiner - don't mean to complain, and I'm not really. I love the tram pictures! But there's another error in captioning on Picture DC1277 'At the junction of East Lancs and Utting Ave'. Utting Avenue runs under Broadway bridge and becomes Utting Avenue East and ends at Lowerhouse Lane. It never meets the East Lancs Road. When the pictures were taken Utting Avenue East ended at a 'T' junction with Lowerhouse Lane. Now it continues as a cross roads and becomes Storrington Avenue. At Broadway bridge, the road divides and Townsend Avenue subsequently meets the East Lancs Road. I suspect that's the place in the picture DC1277. If I'm wrong, I apologize.

From: "David Clarke" <>

I can provide additional information [e.g. car numbers etc.] from my original records.

DC1288 Car 244 at Pier Head [Liver Building]
DC1287 Car 158 at Pier Head [Boat Terminal]
DC1281 Car 215 in William Brown Street
DC1286 Car 914 at Page Moss
DC1279 Car 270 in Utting Avenue E.
DC1277 Car 205 in East Lancs Road [At jcn. with Townsend Avenue] *
DC1283 Car 906 in Brownlow Hill [Adelphi]
DC1280 Car 953 in Utting Avenue [railway bridge]
DC1278 Car 889 in East Lancs Road [Near junction with Townsend Avenue] *
DC1284 Cars 977 and 288 Outside Edge Lane Depot

* These two photos were taken at 11.07 and 11.09 am respectively.
Your correspondent J.Thomas was correct in his comments.

My original slides [on Kodachrome] are still in excellent condition, having been stored in good conditions. However I am now in the process of transferring them to digital images to ensure permanency.

Some are about to be published in "Streets of Liverpool" by Charles Roberts and Martin Jenkins. I am pleased that many can share the pleasure I had in taking them originally on the morning of 30th July 1955.