Utting Avenue [railway bridge], Liverpool

Utting Avenue [railway bridge]

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From: "John Penketh" <john.penketh@ntlworld.com>

I was brought up in Norris Green from 1930 and remember the track being laid in Utting Ave East as I walked to Broadway library. I later lived in Daneville Rd Clubmoor [where the previous corporation tenant must have worked on the trams as the kitchen was painted in tramway green!] which in picture DC1283 was just to the left of the small shop by Broadway bridge.

I am at present writing my autobiography of that time, for reading by my family and friends, but not for profit. As trams play such an important in my life [I was actually looking on the net to see how many rides you could have in one day on a scholars ticket] that I came across your excellent site.

From: "Katherine Ludwin" <K.Ludwin@bradford.ac.uk>

My name is Katherine Ludwin and I am a researcher here at the University of Bradford. I work on a project that involves working alongside people living with dementia to create films about their lives and interests. We are trying to find out if being involved in this process makes a difference to participant's wellbeing.

One of the women we are working with grew up in Liverpool and spent quite a bit of her childhood around the Broadway Bridge area. Seeing the photograph on your site [DC1280 - tram & taxi going under the bridge] really evoked lots of memories from her younger years and she enjoyed looking at this. We would love to use this picture in our work with her, specifically as a still image in her film. I am wondering if you would grant us permission to use it? And of course we will credit you in whatever way you see fit.

The project is for purely educational purposes.

[From David Bradley - Permission granted]