Brighton Trolleybuses - Braybon Avenue

 Braybon Avenue - 1961    Braybon Avenue - April, 2003
Just a wisper as the trolleybus goes by   Today's Service. A diesel bus on route 5B
struggles to climb the steep Braybon Avenue
making much noise on it's way!

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From: "Martin Snow" <>
"Andrew Henbest" <> and
"Martin Nimmo" <>

Taken in Braybon Avenue on Service 46, #35 [FUF 35] speeds on to the Hollingbury terminus under bracket arm overhead suspension - a feature of this part of the route.

Forty years later the grass verges still have an uncared look and a 'job lot' of paving stones have been laid. I am sure most houses would have had a telephone service way back in 1961 and so it is surprising to see the addition of a telegraph pole with supply cables across the road. Nothing changes really in this scene apart from the residents ability to afford more up market cars.