Glasgow Tram and Trolleybus seen from Clincart Road

Mount Florida
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From: "Hugh McAulay"

Mount Florida terminus on the South side of Glasgow, and the 'Standard' on route 12 is actually standing in the terminal siding in Clincart Road.

The trolleybus is about to swing right [if he doesn't, he's in trouble!] continuing down Cathcart Road, which was formerly served by trams 13 & 19, and at the time of the photograph, trolleybus routes 104, Cathedral Street to Muirend, and trolleybus 105 Queens Cross/George Square to Muirend or Clarkston - it is difficult to make out the actual name in the vehicle's blind.

The photograph can be very roughly dated as sometime between June 1953, when the 105 started, and November 1958 when Tram 12 became trolleybus 108, Mount Florida [a new terminus approximately a third of a mile further down Cathcart Road] to Paisley Road Toll, with rush hours to Linthouse/Shieldhall.

Also the trolleybus is in the original livery before the occasional livery changes took place.

From: "Gordon Muir"

The Hex Dash Tram is on Route 12, which was converted in November 1958 to Trolleybus Route 108, and equipped with ground breaking specially designed BUT/Burlingham Single Deckers - the first two axle 35 Footers in the UK.
A survivor to be found today.

When the Tram Route was converted to Trolleybus operation, it was extended about a half mile further south past the Mount Florida Shops to a Loop at the wonderfully named Ballogie Road. The nearest Football Ground to this picture was in fact Cathkin Park, home of the now defunct Third Lanark - Hampden was closer to the 108 Trolleybus Terminus.

The Trolleybus in the picture is one of the 20 Sunbeams delivered in 1953 - the first four wheelers in the fleet. The first five were the only Trolleybuses delivered by Alexanders, but the front looks a little more angular, and there appears to be evidence of a neared cab door, which would make this one of the latter 15 bodied by Weymann.

From: "Robert G HendersRobert G Henderson <>

Picture 810, Cathcart Road at the junction of Prospect Hill Road, near the Victoria Infirmary. The original Hampden trolleybus garage is still standing, complete with sloping yard. It was used by the lighting dept for many years and then by Strathclyde region. The main buildings still exist today though they are no longer in use.

From: "Alastair Stirling" <>

Both 409 and 334 were rebuilds, almost completely, of former round dash cars. They had flush rocker panels with a cream band below the lower saloon windows and a small tail light below each headlamp. 643 was similarly treated but retained round dashes unlike the hex dashes of 409 and 334.

From: "Bill Bailey" <>

My family and I lived in Giffnock, Glasgow from 1945 to 1960. On a wet Sunday afternoon my wife and I with our two sons, Mark and Paul would get the tram at the bottom of our road, Merryvale Ave, and travelled right across Glasgow to the far terminal for two and a half pence each for my wife and me with the children travelling free.

The children loved the ride which entertained them for almost two hours. How precious those days were and we all remember the tram rides. In winter, no TV, it was a treat and got to be the highlight of the winter week.

Thanks for the pictures which my son in Canada found somehow [he is now 58], but the memory lingers on.

From: "James Miller" <>

Enjoyed the pictures and narrative. I lived in Airdrie 1939-1950 when I was relocated to Chicago in the US. We routinely travelled by the trams through Airdrie - Coatbridge. But the greatest trips were with my Grandfather to Glasgow negotiating the city by tram.

Thanks for the memories.

From: "James Waddell" <>

Thank you for the lovely pictures, most of which I haven't seen before. As an Ex Glasgow Corporation Tram Driver 1958-1961 it was lovely to see the old trams and streets, some now changed beyond recognition. It's nice to know that the old tram systems are not entirely forgotten.

From: "Stuart Scotland" <>

Browsing thru web sites on Scottish Transport and especially Glasgow and its trams was happy to view what you had. Brought back some memories of my early years living on the south side of GLA. We had a terminus round the corner from us and we sometimes as kids [under 13] we'd ask the conductor if we could change the points for the inward journey or ask for a nearly used roll of the paper which the tickets were printed on.

Those days were good old days. Kids don't get the fun we had nowadays.

I migrated with the family when I was 13 years old in 1956, and much has changed - not for the better I believe as far as service etc is concerned. Visited in the 60's/70's and GLA was still a dark place but on my last visit in 2000 when I took my late Aussie wife home to visit the area I lived in and to call on the tenament we lived in, all was cleaner. The only thing that surprised me was all the motor cars parked in the streets. We only had the odd one just before we left GLA. Where do the kids play now. We played in the streets - cn't do that now. Then again playtimes have changed. All computers and electronic games to amuse them. We had to think how to paly and what to play - those days have well and truly gone!

Best of wishes to you with an interesting site.