London Trolleybus on Route 654
by South Norwood Clock Tower

By South Norwood Clock Tower
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By South Norwood Clock Tower
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From: "Laurence Baker" <>

I have much enjoyed seeing your photos taken along the no. 654 trolleybus route as I used to live in Anerley and later, South Norwood.

In my young days [I was born in 1908] the route was served by trams of course. My wife was born in Anerley road, a short distance above Versailles road and nearly opposite the Thicket hotel. In addition to using the trams, I walked so often either to Crystal Palace or Croydon that I used to know almost every inch of the route as far as Stafford Road, Waddon. I frequently went to Croydon aerodrome, once it opened, for regular flights to the continent.

I now live in Canada [since 1988] but am still interested in transport developments in Britain.

From: "Arthur Osborne" <>

I have just spent 3 very interesting hours on this web site. The sight of the majestic London Transport trolley buses brought the memories flooding back.

Route 654 from Sutton to Crystal Palace was part of the journey my Mother and I used to take from Lower Kingswood to Upper Norwood, to visit an Aunt. This was in 1947/1948. I was born in 1941.

It is a very sad comment on previous decisions made concerning the demise of the trolley bus, only to come back full circle. In my late teens/early twenties I lived in Maidstone, where I used the trolley buses daily to get to work and back, from Barming to Maidstone town center. All the concern about pollution these days is so much hot air, when you consider that the trolley bus was a contributory factor in keeping it down.

I am pleased that Corgi produce good models of trolley buses from the two Companies mentioned in this e-mail, in their Original Omnibus series.

Many thanks for a superb collection of photographs.