Turning into the Parsons Hill terminus, Woolwich

Turning into the Parsons Hill terminus, Woolwich
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From: "Larry Button" <arsenal@sympatico.ca>

A great site [a referral from John King]. My grandfather was born at No.9 High Street, next to the Enon Baptist Chapel where the family [BUTTON] had owned a glass and china shop since about 1832.

I have a photo obtained from the Greenwich Local History Library that was taken about 1903 showing a horse drawn tram proceeding west along the High Street just past #9. There are dozens of people visiting the numerous shops along both sides of the street. When I last visited in 1999 it looked as if a bomb had gone off. Few buildings and fewer people. About the only holdover was the Mitre Tavern on the south side of the street - as it was a century before. No doubt it too is gone.

I did however, notice a familiar smell. When my family left Woolwich they settled in Hamilton Ontario, Canada's most heavily industrialized city. [In the east end if that City as well]. Most ended up at the Procter and Gamble soap works. When I noticed the familiar smell in Woolwich I was told there was a soap works / rendering plant across the river in Silvertown.

Larry Button [Dundas, Ontario]

From: "Bob Doye" <robertdoye@hotmail.com>

In the mid 50's we lived in Bexleyheath. My maternal Grandmother lived in Walthamstow. We visited her every month; 696 to Woolwich then ferry [John Benn, William Squires, etc.] over the river. The delight of watching all that gleaming motion down near the engine room! Then route 669 to Canning Town and then changing for a 685 to Markhouse Road, sometimes we could get a trolley all the way from North Woolwich without changing at all.

The magic of Silvertown [all those large ships in close proximity] and the sweet smell of the Sugar Factory! Sorry I digress. I remember at my Gran's there was a trolley route 687 going to Victoria & Albert Docks but I never went on it.