London Tram and Trolleybus crossing North End, Croydon

 The West Croydon Crossing with a Trolleybus 66 emerging from Station Road
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 The West Croydon Crossing with a tram about to enter Station Road
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Notes by David Bradley

Picture 66 was taken in early 1959 and was originally discarded for inclusion on this WEB site but the negative has been recovered from the cutting room floor as it shows a piece of social history of this bustling part of West Croydon, the gateway into North End for the town's major shopping centre. Quite surprisingly the trolleybus is seen to be empty, probably having off loading its passengers, from the Crystal Palace leg of the route, at the previous stop in Station Road - maybe those very people you see in the picture.

Forty-two years later I return to the same spot to capture a Tramlink vehicle travelling in the opposite direction. It has a full compliment of passengers ready to be discharged at the next stop for their shopping expedition into Croydon. [The fast food prices on the side of the tram may be of interest in years to come].

Sadly I don't have the camera angle quite the same as the upper picture but it can be observed that the two fashion shops have long gone, replaced by an up market coffee emporium whose neighbour is now a camera retailer. Interestingly it was cheaper to buy a disposable camera than have two cups of coffee. In trolleybus days I struggled to afford the black and white film for my camera but was never thirsty! Welcome to the 21st century.