London Trolleybus Route 654 - Top end of Tamworth Road

 Tamworth Road
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Tamworth Road viewed from West Croydon end
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Notes by David Bradley

Tamworth Road, West Croydon. As this picture had deteriorated in my collection, it was not intended to display the image at all. Some colour correction has been attempted in PhotoShop and the end result is probably about the best that can be obtained.

The picture appears due to a request to show RF type buses, and as Tamworth Road is on the route of the Croydon Tramlink, it can also be compared with the view below.

A comparison picture from the same vantage point is not available at present, although from the logo site, a view a few hundred yards up the road facing the opposite direction is reproduced here. Taken forty years on to 23 May 1999 it shows, to the right, that the cycle shop has been replaced with housing.

If the cycle shop had remained, perhaps congestion in the town centre would never have arrived; but then, neither would have Croydon Tramlink. There remains numerous retail outlets to purchase cycles [with ownership greater than ever before] but few specialist shops with a comprehensive range of spares and parts for immediate purchase.

Just a few weeks later, the first test run of a Croydon tram would pass this location. As for travel to either Gravesend or Crystal Palace from this stop, that's a bit difficult now.