London Trolleybuses on Route 654 at Selhurst Station

At Selhurst Station
Click on picture [411] for an enlarged version

From: "David Cooke" <>

What a wonderful site! I have just discovered it! It brings back so many happy memories of my childhood in the fifties.

Now, I wonder if you can help. How can I purchase some of the pictures on the site for my own personal use. The one that I am most interested in is No. 411 Selhurst, on the old 654 route. Yes, you've guessed, I used to live just around the corner from where this picture was taken. Or is there a way that I can print the picture from the site and reproduce in photo format. Not really sure if I can do this?.

Your advice, would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks again for a great site.

Comment by David Bradley:

It really depends on the size of the print you would like and the quality that you are seeking. Just let me know and I'll see what can be arranged. [The email link below can start off the enquiry].