London Trolleybus on Route 654 by "The Gloster"

At the Gloster
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From: "John Evans" <>

I was born in the West Croydon / Selhurst area in 1956 and still live here. Your photos have re-jogged plenty of memories for me of the area before redevelopment and I look forward to viewing more as you add to the collection.

My Grandmother used to manage a shop for St. James's Laundry, which [the shop] was situated in Northcote Road next to Leathwoods garage. Although both have long since been demolished their location was roughly opposite Sydenham Road between the pub and Dagnall park.

I would like to thank you for uploading these photographs and enabling others, myself included, to indulge our memories.

Turning into Northcote Road
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From: "Dave King" <>

Just wanted to say, I enjoyed very much, you're site too. I used to live on Dagmar Road, South Norwood from 1945 until 1952, and then in West Croydon, near the old Lombanks building. Just wonder if ever our paths crossed, I went to Whitehorse school, Sydenham Road and then Stanley Tech, left there 1959 I think. Now live in Canada, so the pictures brought back a lot of memories.

Thanks for sharing them.

Comment from David Bradley

Both these pictures were taken at The Gloster. The top picture shows trolleybus 70 just leaving Northcote Road with the lower picture showing trolleybus 74 waiting for oncoming traffic to clear before turning into Northcote Road. The bus seen in the picture would have been on Route 75, probably hijacking 654 trolleybus passengers between the Robin Hood at Penge and its normal terminus at West Croydon Station, although this one continued to South Croydon garage.

This location is about the nearest the 654 trolleybus got to my former home by Thornton Heath Clock Tower. The vacant site seen in the rear of the picture saw the rebuilding of the Gloster PH shortly after the trolleybuses ceased operation. The former building on the site was destroyed by enemy action in 1944.

For the record I also went to Stanley Tech. School and was in class 53C.