Grove Road Terminus

 Grove Road Terminus
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From: "Tony Hocking" <>

The Wheatsheaf - Grove road section opened in 1930 as part of the High Street - Loose tram conversion. There never was a turning circle at Mangravet Avenue. Motor buses had previously run up the Sutton Road as far as Mangravet Avenue [which was only one stop short of Grove Road] from 1928 to serve a new Council Housing Estate.

In the early 50s this service was reinstated to relieve the pressure on the trolleybuses until the second hand trolleys from Llanelly arrived.

After the service was extended to Nottingham Avenue in 1954 the Grove Road turning circle was retained to provide a Grove Road - High Street rush hour extra service to supplement the main line service. Picture 374 actually depicts Grove Road terminus [look in the sky, you can see the wires trailing back into the main line].

Yours truly was a pupil at Mangravet Primary School in 1954. When the extension opened we all had to line the railing and wave flags at the Mayor as he rode by on the first trolley to open the extension.

Happy days!