London Trolleybus No.1 returning to Clapham on system closure

From: "Ian D Smith" <>

Bushey Road, Merton
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Your site just gets better and better, yes I'm one of those who regularly graze the site to see what's new. The picture of Diddler No.1 being towed along Bushey Road, past the old 152 stop at the top of Carlton Park Avenue was almost [but not quite] too much, bringing back many memories.

Living in Carlton Park when young and walking along Bushey Road from time to time I saw several trolleybuses being towed past, I presume it was their usual route whilst being passed between Fulwell and Charlton works. My happiness would be made yet more complete if any pictures came to light of the 604/5 at Raynes Park involving either the station, the Rialto cinema [reputedly the first all concrete cinema], the infamous 'Skew Arch', Cottenham Park School, or any combination thereof. Ah well hope springs eternal so they say.

From: "Jayne Tomkinson" <>

My dad is a bus fanatic and is a life member of our local preservation society [POPS] While he was looking through your website at the last day of the trolley bus, he found himself in one of the pictures following the trolleybus in a car. He has told me about this event on numerous occasions. The car was called Aggie Sue. This was while he was a student in London.

Thank you very much for permission to copy your photograph of 'Aggie Sue' my 1946 Standard 8. I was at Borough Road College, Isleworth and the stickers were all about our Rag Day. Sorry I messed up your photo call but it took me the entire progress to get close. Later a large group of trainee teachers went to Fulwell with a coffin to see 1521 in.

I could not believe it when I got into this site via my friend Steve Morris at Quantock and saw my old car, you've made an old man very happy!
John Cooke, Potteries Omnibus Preservation Society.