London Trolleybus at the junction of Stanley Rd and Hampton Road

Junction of Stanley Road and Hampton Road
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Junction of Stanley Road and Hampton Road
The 'Diddler' #1 on the last day run
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Stanley Road
Picture by James Radley
The same scene in 2006
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From: "Nick Stanbury" <>

Picture 330 is something of a puzzle. The trolleybus shown is at the junction where the 601 and 667 routed diverged and is apparently taking the 601 route. So, why is it carrying a 605 route number and destination blind? Did the 605 route get extended from Teddington to Twickenham on, say, Sundays or special occasions? [I really ought to know, as I grew up in this area.]

From: "Hugh Taylor" <>

The 605 route was extended to Twickenham on Sundays from 11th January 1959 to 6th May 1962. For more information, see the book titled "London Trolleybus Routes" on page 13.

From: "Tony Griffin" <>

Junction of Stanley Rd and Hampton Road just north of Fulwell Depot.

My name here is Tony Griffin, from Derby. Just logged to your site [Sun, 7 Jan 2001 19:43] for the first time. Sadly, I never got to see London's trolleys but the atmosphere created by pictures like the one near Fulwell depot give such a feel of the streetscape of the time - it makes me feel that I have been there.

I did live for a short time in the late 60's off Lordship Lane, East Dulwich and we could see the Crystal Palace tower from the back garden. Travel to The Elephant & Castle for the tube was usually an RT. Nevertheless, that outer London "feel" is there. I can't explain it, but as a non Londoner I can certainly understand the enthusiasm for scenes like this.

I was fascinated to read one of the captions mentioning the former site of Carters Seeds. Being in the landscape design field, it's always nice to put places in context. I have always been a great lover of the trolleybus. We lost our last ones in Derby on 9 September 1967, when I was seventeen. I still miss them but managed a ride on ARC 515, a Brush/Sunbeam at The Black Country Museum a few years ago. I did a short taping of it and the sound of traction motor and contactors still brings it all back to me.

I shall be coming back to your site for more nostalgia in the near future. Very many thanks for giving us the privilege to share it all.