Turn around at Staines Road, Hounslow

Turn around at Staines Road, Hounslow
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From: "Andrew O'Brien" <andrew@obrien9855.freeserve.co.uk>

I once lived in Boston Manor Road Brentford. A London Trolleybus route was my transport to school in the late 1940's, being the 655 which ran from Hanwell Broadway to Brentford Half Acre, I am not sure if this is the complete route.

There was a depot at Hanwell Broadway and a turn around at Brentford half Acre. The 655 may have run onto Chiswick in one direction and possibly Acton Town in the other direction.

Your web site was a pleasant find and brought back old memories for which I thank you. I have book marked your site and look forward to learning more about the London Trolleybus.

From: "Peter Toal" <toals@optushome.com.au>

Enjoyed your page immensely as I used to live on the Syon estate Brentford from 1943 [my birth year] until 1955 when I moved to Isleworth which I left in 1959. I had occasion to use the 665 & 667 buses regularly and your pictures brought back fond memories.

Thanks for that and keep up the good work. I have lived in Sydney for over 40 years.

From: "Jim Lawes" <jimlawes@hotmail.com>

At this late hour - 3am on a Friday night! - I'm browsing through some of your photographs on your magnificent website.

Regarding Pictures Nos 322, 323,and 324. These have been taken on the south side of the Staines Road,Hounslow at the junction with Wellington Road opposite the Duke of Wellington public house where the 657 trolleybus route terminated after its journey from Shepherds Bush Green. It was a turn-round point cut into a large pavement area which is still there to this day.

The message that has been posted and linked to MEMORIES with picture 324 wrongly associates these photos with Brentford Half Acre and the heading should be amended. I was born in 1939 and so am very familiar with the routes of the trolleybuses in the Hounslow, Brentford and Chiswick.

Best wishes to you and very well done.

From: "Barry Talbot-Smith" <itsbaz@bigpond.com>

May I ask if I can use three images from your website. Numbers 319, 322 and 324, with appropriate credit as your named copyright. [Added by David Bradley: Of course you can]. At present I have no intention of publishing, though, depending on how well it turns out, that may change. I'm compiling illustrated history, autobiographical but anecdotal as well. It's for my daughter, as a connection to her families past.

I was born in the Heston & Isleworth area, during WW2, living originally in Lampton Road and then Wellington Road, Hounslow. Now, I live in Sydney and have done since 1980.

I used the 657 to go to School, at Isleworth Grammar, from 1952/53 onward. My Family history was in the Hounslow, Heston & Isleworth, Whitton & Twickenham [border] area.

I'm looking for images, to illustrate what local life was like then, with the added burden of doing it from Sydney, having lost much of our background family photos in sad circumstances.

The 657 Trolleybus turned around at the top of Wellington Road on Staines Road intersection. There was a Depot near and before Spring Grove Grammar and the Trolleybus lines ran as far as Shepherd's Bush. Usually I got off at Ridgeway Road. I only ever went as far as Busch Corner, to go to the back of the Green School for Girls, where our playing field and pavilion were, for Football and Rugby.

Thanks for your help and your intriguing website.

From: "David Hayward" <gmhistorian@btinternet.com>

I was born in Hampton in 1955 but my parents lived in Feltham until 1965. I distinctly remember the turning point opposite the Duke of Wellington in Staines Road at the junction with Wellington Road North and South. The turning point was still there, used as a sort of short parking area for the shops until in recent years [probably as a result of Hounslow Council's junction improvements].

The Isleworth Trolleybus Depot was sold to the GPO and then used as a maintenance depot for the GPO Telephones vehicles, then after the post and telephones split it was used by BT for the same purpose. The building is still there I believe.

From: "Jim O'Reardon" <jim_oreardon@ntlworld.com>

I was born in Hanwell and went to St Johns RC school which was in Clifden Road, Brentford outside the football ground, on the 655 trolleybus wich ran from Bromyard Avenue Acton to Hammersmith Broadway. I now live in Luton.

Thanks for the memories.