A Daily Scene in 1962

 Isleworth Station
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Picture from the Geoff Bannister Collection

From: "Geoff Bannister" <gbannister10@gmail.com>

The picture was taken in the last week of operation [5 May 1962], and gives me a nostalgia trip because I went to a teacher training college in Isleworth from 1959-61 and crossed the road at this point en route from the railway station to college every academic day for most of that period.

The picture is unusual as it is one of elite group that shows the prices of goods at the time. Here, from the poster, we can see that "Nelson Tipped" cigarettes sold for 3 shillings and 10 pence [39p]. They have gone up somewhat in forty years! Further nostalgia in the picture includes a Ford Popular and a Sunbeam Talbot 90 and of course the 4SUB crossing the bridge as the trolleybus passes underneath.

For this slide, quite a lot of image adjustment was necessary to obtain a bright enough picture to view, giving added grain. Sadly so many slides taken in the early 60s suffer aging deterioration, but fortunately the creation of an electronic images stops the rot, to enable everybody enjoyment of historical interesting pictures for the next 40 years and beyond. It is thought that the film used was Agfa CT18, which is notorious for fading of its reds.

From: "Jim Lawes" <jimlawes@hotmail.com>

That really nostalgic picture shows a 657 trolleybus travelling eastwards on the London Road, Isleworth, passing under the "Southern Railway" bridge at Isleworth Station.

The dip in the road under the bridge, together with adjoining drainage problems, meant that the road was almost impassable on occasions after heavy rain. Often the giant puddle was one foot deep and fifty feet across!