London Trolleybus seen from the Chiswick Flyover

A view from Chiswick Flyover
Click on picture [312] for an enlarged version

From:"Paul" <>

Your web site is the best I have seen for a long time, excellent pictures, I've spent hours going through every page, more than once I might add.

The picture that caught my eye is picture 312 Chiswick flyover with the small bond mini car directly behind the trolleybus. These cars where produced in the town where I was born, and still live, Preston, Lancs - what a death trap they were, I would sooner walk down the M25 than ride in one of those, I am curious to know if there was an outlet to purchase the said car in London.

Also like the couple on the motor bike with no crash helmets, along with no yellow lines in the road and no TV satellite dishes; today would be a different story with a full scale football match probably taking place on the grassed area, providing the council still cut the grass!

I only had one occasion to visit London during my bus spotting days when I was a young lad, I still have the Ian Allen ABC book for London Transport dated 1963, but I did get to ride on the trolleys in Manchester. In those days it was safe to travel about on your own when you was only fourteen. One thing that would help for people like myself that don't know the areas, would be a map of the trolleybus routes. I was lucky to have a copy of the London trolley bus by Dryhurst Publications, but that was published prior to 1950.

Hope you have more pictures to add.