London Trolleybus in Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith

From: "Keith H" <>

Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith
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Absolutely love the site, I can just remember the last few years of the trolley and so have added your new address to my favourites folder.

My uncle Peter worked on the underground trains at Acton Town all his life and until recently I did computer maintenance for LUL which included visits to most of the stations and depots on the network, we both share an interest in trolley, tram and railways so I have forwarded your site address to him.

For years my family lived in Hammersmith just off of Glenthorne Road, one of your marvelous trolley pictures shows the local area which has not changed much, I downloaded it and showed it to my mother [now in her 70s] she was fascinated and insisted on visiting your site at length. You have provided us with hours of chat about past times.

Many many thanks and good luck with your site that is one of the best for content and design I have ever visited.

From: "P.Ashlee" <>

Thank's for such a very interesting site, it brought back a lot of memories of my childhood when I used to live in Hammersmith. My father used to sell newspapers in Kings Street by Burton's tailors, routes 630, 667 and 657 used to start and terminate there - now it is a market place.

I also remember Hammersmith Broadway when it was two way traffic; We would wait at the top of Kings street and watch the Trolleybuses turn in from the Broadway hoping to see the poles come adrift from the overhead wires and the fun and games the conductor had trying to put them back on.

It was a very sad time when they were thrown on the scrap heap. But at least we can still see the remaining few in the collections around the country. Fortunately I live in Ealing now and can go to Acton Town or Covent Garden.

Thanks once again for a great site.

From: "DPaul567" <>

Yes David I do remember the demise of the Trolley and when the overhead lines were pinched! Your picture shows the Trolley opposite The Silver Dollar Snack/Coffee Bar next door to a Betting Shop. Are there any "Cross Boys" from Latymer Foundation opposite West London Hospital reading this page?

From: "Terry" <>

What a great shot of the trolley bus that used to take me to school. I have just read one of the other peoples comments regarding the 667 and would like to tell him that I was one of the "Cross Boys" from Latymer Foundation. I lived in 2 Paddenswick Road where the "Trolley" passed. Latymer Closed down in 1963 so I am not sure if the guy before was at the school then but would be interested to know if he is reading this.

The other fond memory is running for the "Trolley" and jumping on the tail board with the conductor yelling at us not to. Some actually double rang the bell, stopped the "Trolley" and kicked us off for doing it.

Ah, the good old days.

From: "Pauline Campbell" <>

Have just been talking about old times. My maiden name was Pauline Spencer and I lived at 98 Glenthorne Road from about 8 or 9 years old until my family moved to Berkshire in 1969. I have very fond memories of my life in Hammersmith as most of my family lived very closely by - some in Overstone Road.

My husband died very recently and I have been taking the local bus to Hammersmith some Saturdays and treating myself to Pie and Mash at Shepherds Bush. That was one thing I really missed when I moved away. Does anyone remember Taylors the Pie and Mash Shop on Hammersmith Broadway. Fond memories. Take care everyone.

Pauline Campbell [nee Spencer]

From: "Pauline Campbell" <>

Visited the site once again. It seems that happy memories of days gone by really keep you going and bring back so much nostalgia. I really miss my life in Hammersmith. If only we could go back.

Pauline Campbell [nee Spencer]

From: "Colin" <>

In reply to Pauline, My wife Ann lived at 37 Glenthorne Road above the shoe repair shop and I was born and lived at 33 Raynham Road maybe 80 yards from the bus in the photo. I also lived for some years as a youngster in Overstone Road when I was maybe 7 years old. I was a regular at the Pie and Mash on the Broadway and also the Fish & Chip shop on Beadon Hill. We have been married for 52 years! I went to St John's School just off the King Street and she went to the Sacred Heart School on the Broadway just before the Hammersmith hospital.