London Trolleybus at Shepherds Bush Green

South side of Shepherds Bush Green
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South side of Shepherds Bush Green on 1/1/2007
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South side of Shepherds Bush Green
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South side of Shepherds Bush Green
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From the Geoff Bannister Collection - Taken 5 May 1962

From: "Mark Burstow" <No email address available>

I thought it was about time I wrote to congratulate you on your web site. I have been following the growth of the site with much interest. Long may it continue, and more power to your scanner!

Although far to young to have seen a London trolleybus in operation, the enthusiasm of my father meant I was brought up with an unshakeable interest in all things transport, particularly London buses/trams/trolleybuses. Both my father and grandfather [who is now 88] were born and brought up in Croydon and have been very interested in your photographs. My father now lives in Beckenham and keeps me up to date with what is happening with Tramlink, and thanks to you I have been able to show him many 'before and after' shots!

I must admit that we looked very closely at your shots of Trolleybuses in Croydon to see if any members of the family could be spotted!

As for your shots of other parts of London I have found them interesting since as a young transport enthusiast in the early 1980s I travelled all over London photographing what was happening to the buses then. One day I may get round to creating a follow-on web site from yours!

Anyway, I thought you might like to know that photograph 307 was taken at Shepherds Bush, and I think it is probably the South side of Shepherds Bush Green.

From: "Keith Hawes" <>

My mum can defiantly verify picture 307 as Shepherds Bush Green [south side]. She used to work in a men's tailor shop called Lew Rose almost in view just behind the bus stop, this area now comprises the massive hi-rise Bush shopping precinct, car park and four associated tower blocks.

From: "Graham Sullivan" <No email address available>

Can I add some information regarding photo 307. Keith H states Lew Rose's shop is behind the "Troll". I thought I bought my first pair of "jeans" from there in 1959 and I remember Lew's being on the north side of the green, nearly or next to the Careers Office, close to the Central Line Station. However, digging out the old receipt shows the jeans were actually purchased from Silvers, Wranglers at 39s 6d.

I used to get the 630 to and from Shepherds Bush from North Pole Road and onwards on the 49 to Chelsea where my school [The London Oratory] was, between 1957 and 1963. At some time they extended the 207 onwards the same way so I had the choice of RTs on the 49 or new RMs on the 207. As a fervent bus spotter I was spoilt for choice although nothing replaced the "Trolls" [from the song "I'm a troll, boldy-woll"] in my book.

On the last day of the 630 the last Troll on the homeward journey I travelled on, I believe was 1141[?]. The next day it was RM 341 that took me off to S.B. Just not the same...

Thanks for a great site.

From: "Keith Hawes" <Keith@Studio19.Co.UK>

Graham is correct in that Lew Rose was on the north side near the tube, having spoken to dear old Mum who worked there in the early 70s she has put me right, I never knew the place myself [now a McDonalds] and had mistakenly read photo 307 as the north side looking towards Wood Lane, on closer inspection I can see that it is the south side, again I only know the shopping centre and tower blocks as the backdrop here, it takes a while for the penny to drop!

As a schoolboy at the time I have vague memories of mum as a young woman arriving home to our flat in Flora Gardens at Ravenscourt Park all out of breath having walked home from her morning job in Lew Rose at the Bush she then went off to Flora Gardens primary school for her afternoon job as a dinner lady! we had a laugh about this letter, she reckons she would have a job doing the walk now as she will be 80 next March bless her, still as sharp as a new pin though.

Bet your glad you keep all your receipts though aren't you Graham.

From: "David Musson" <>

I found this site about trolleybuses searching for Lew Rose. I'm not a trolleybus person, but I worked in London [Leyton] in 1959/60. A friend advised me to get a suit made by "Lew Rose" I think he was Jewish and Iím sure it was Lew who measured me - it was a fantastic suit. A long time ago I know, but I was telling my kids about this and I wondered what happened to Lew Rose and his business. I can't remember where the shop was and I thought it was somewhere in the East End; did he have more than one shop because the one mentioned on this page was in Shepherds Bush? Is there anyone that can give me any information on this tailor?

From: "Ron Atkinson" <atkinsonintl#064;>

I entered Lew Rose Tailors London on my PC and came up with your site. Not that this will be of particular pertinence to trolleybuses I'm afraid, but I can't resist joining the comments about "Lew Rose", for as an up and coming young businessman sent out to Africa for a company based in Feltham. On a couple of trips back home Tween 1955/60 I treated myself to a suit most wonderfully made - after three fittings.

I had to throw the last blue pinstripe away only after coming to the states in 1980 and then only because my girth had altered SLIGHTLY