West India Docks Terminus

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From: "PSGolds" <psgolds@aol.com>

The bus is showing the short working to Mildmay Park, which was particularly common for this route on Sundays when Smithfield was not operating. Originally route 677 should have terminated at Aldersgate - where the 77 tram terminated on a stub. As there was no convenient point for a turning circle the route was diverted into Smithfield - providing a service for the many market workers.

The Mildmay Park short working has always been of interest to students of the London system - partly as the loop remained until November 1961.

It was a common short working for the very busy Stoke Newington High Street group of routed routes, as well as the 581, 641 and 677 which actually passed by.

When congested, vehicles on the Stoke Newington High street group would be turned into Balls Pond Road, and travel down laying-over in Dove Road. Edmonton depot did not have a Mildmay Park display on their destinations with the result that they used parts of two displays creating an artificial terminal called Dalston Stoke - which was understood by locals [but presumably not visitors].

Today there are no buses terminating in the area but the old trolleybus layover in Dive Road can still be seen.

From: "Julian Walker" <julianrwalker@hotmail.com>

The wiring along Balls Pond Road was of interest in that Balls Pond Road lost its regular trolleybuses [routes 581 and 677] as early as 14th April 1959, stage 2 of the conversion programme. The wiring remained in situ, however, until at least 17th July [stage 11] to allow for the short workings on routes 543/643, 647and 649. Indeed the Mildmay Park loop itself remained until the 641 was converted at stage 12 on 7th November 1961.

Although no longer seeing any scheduled workings, Mildmay Park is still used as a short-working for late-running buses on routes 30, 38, 56, 141 and 277, and buses still stand in Dove Road; suffice to say, though, that the motor bus successors to the 543/643, 647 & 649 no longer find their way here!

From: "Alan Beaumont" <asbeaumont@tiscali.co.uk>

I have enjoyed browsing through your website. It is fascinating, nostalgic and most informative.

I worked in West India Dock when a number of these buses were being exported to Spain in the early 60s, and boarded one for old time's sake - but the bell didn't ring. The 677 trolley bus had been my only means of travel from Balls Pond Road to West India since 1955, so it was sad to witness this shipment.