The very last trolleybus on route 654 to leave Sutton Green

Last Trolleybus at Sutton Green
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Picture from the Terry Russell Collection

From: "Terry Russell" <>

654 #89 at Sutton Green - the last full run.

We rode all the route and put up EXTRA at the Palace because we had the means. We rode to the Green and the driver held back out of sight near the depot until the trolley from Croydon with the dignitaries on board had gone into the yard so WE were the real last 654.

 A trolleybus on its way to the scrap yard
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Picture from the Hugh Taylor Collection

Comment by David Bradley

The trolleybuses in Carshalton Depot after the cessation of services were moved under power to Colindale for scrap, a group of three leaving the Depot on Friday, 5th March 1959. This event was fortunately extensively caught on camera at various points along the route, and here we see B1 Class #67 passing a service vehicle on Route 630 westbound in Garratt Lane between the junction with Wimbledon Road where the Summerstown short workings turned down and the junction of Summerstown [the road] with Garratt Lane; the photographer standing virtually on the corner of Keble Street. Another picture of this stretch of road, in happier times, can be seen in the Geoff Bannister Guest Gallery.

A few days later #67 was no more, and it was only a few weeks later that DLY 551 meet a similar fate.

From: "Lawrence Murphy" <>

Trolleybus 67 was transferred from Carshalton to Cohens at Colindale on 6th March 1959, 3 days after its withdrawal. 68, 69, 491 and 493 were also transferred on this day. I suspect their journeys were staggerd to prevent disruption to service trolleybuses.

There is no obvious sign of any trade lates being carried, even though it was withdrawn on 3rd March.