Market Hill terminus at Woolwich

Trams and Trolleybuses in Market Hill, Woolwich
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Market Hill, Woolwich where trolleybuses terminated.
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From: "John Webb" <>

I now live now in St Albans, Herts but originally lived in Woolwich [1946-1977].

The tram, partly obscured by the ancient lorry, is at about the position of the 'Change Pit' where they switched from overhead to the conduit system. Fascinating to watch as a small boy until the trams went in 1952.

Thanks for an interesting site.

From: "Paul Holmes" <>

I love the pictures you have put on here.

I am a police officer currently working out of Woolwich Police Station, which I'm sure you know is in Market Street.

I was also born in Woolwich, Mother's and Babies Hospital. I believe it was in Samuel Street.

I am interested to know where exactly Market Hill was in Woolwich. What was built in it's place and was it anywhere near Market Street.

From: "John King" <>

Market Hill is a different place to Market Street, it shows various places in Woolwich where a market was established, as you know it has ended up in Beresford Square.

Market Hill was a short piece of road alongside Woolwich High Street not far from what is now The Waterfront, much of it was obliterated when the High Street was widened to a dual carriage way, there is however a very small part left with a sign still there. See Google street view:

Picture MH2013 is a photograph taken on 21 October 2013 of the remains of Market Hill, Woowich the old trolleybus terminus. This is about as near as I could get to the picture shown above. As you can see Woolwich High Street has been widened to a dual carriage way which has obliterated most of it.

Hope this helps, if you need any more help with old Woolwich please ask.

Regards, John King.