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"Ian Jelf" <>
I especially enjoyed the fantasy world of the 542 except for it ending up in the hands of V****n; what's from with direct operation by LT in Utopia?!

Excellent even if it is rather wishful thinking. Having said that, you can only wonder what would have happened if the 42 was converted to Trolleybus operation - my guess is that like the other routes, it would have changed to motor bus.

"Irvine Bell" <>
I think it is Brilliant! Excellent advert for trolleybuses in fact. I can't fault the speculation in your 'spoof'. Interesting also to wonder what if LT had developed at least some parts of the tramway system in the way that many European cities did. Opportunity for another 'story'?

"Terry Russell" <>
You are definitely away with the birds with the 542 route etc. I just loved it.

"Palle Nilsson" <>
Great picture. Brilliant!! I am very curious to know how to do this; all the exposures are still in the picture just like the original.

"Stephen Taylor" <>
I enjoyed the article on route 542 very much. One point that interested me was your comment that the trolleybus overhead was put 150mm higher than the tram wiring. Is this taken from prototypes elsewhere? I would have thought that using the same span wires and having the wires separated by the width of the pantograph would have been enough. The two sets of wires would have to be brought to the same level anyway at crossings. Diagonal crossings would need fairly long dead sections on the trolleybus wires to prevent shorting; has this problem been addressed anywhere?

"Phil Bertram" <>
I continue to visit your site regularly and have watched it evolve into what must be the premiere trolleybus site on the WEB. It would be incredible if these efforts of yours can provide some impetus to a revival of trolleys in the UK, so yes I did enjoy the little bit of dreaming that went on in the articles section on Route 542, but what is to stop it happening in the real world?

"John Rodd" <>
This site continues to give me a lot of pleasure. I too grew up in Thornton Heath. I was born in the house of my childhood in Beechwood Avenue, and my Grandparents lived in Zion Road, so I used the old 42 Tram many times. The photos bring back many memories.