System Opened: 12 December 1943
Closed: 31 August 1989
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Operator Tranvías Eléctricos de Pontevedra

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London fleet #1811 remains in the driving cab despite being the new owners #103.
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From: "Paul" <>

I called into the Pontevedra depot in 1974 and had a former London Transport Q1 trolleybus "run out" of the depot for photographs. The person in charge showed us around even though he did not speak English and we did not speak Spanish.

It was interesting to see former London labels such as "Finsbury" on the electrical equipment. We called in to Pontevedra on a long and interesting day leaving Porto and travelling via Braga. We travelled on to La Coruna and arrived very late. Next day was spent riding former London Q1 double deckers in La Coruna and the cut down single deck versions.

From: "Cynthia Cullin" <>

I have been viewing the interesting pictures of the London trolleybuses that went to Spain, and would point out that the Pontevedra system, which was the last in Spain, actually closed on 31 August 1989. December 1978 was the date of withdrawal of the last London Q1 vehicle. Many thanks for some excellent photographs.

From: "Jaume Susany" <>

I'm from Barcelona, Spain and I'm member of A.R.C.A., a young society for preservation of classic buses My message is for give a date of the operator of the trolleybus service in Pontevedra [Spain], is this T.E.P. [Tranvías Eléctricos de Pontevedra] but actually the service is closed [last in 1989].

Congratulations for your page, and sorry for my bad English.

From: "Javier Flórez Bosque" <>

This is a magnificent web site and my congratulations in all the hard work of data retrieval and the many wonderful images.

Although I see that the Pontevedra Picture Gallery is dedicated [almost exclusively] to Trolleybuses from London, there were other types of trolleybuses operating on the network of Pontevedra [TEP] of BUT design. They were not ex London, but built in Macosa, Barcelona, where they originally operated, initially as double deck vehicles, but JB1 later converted to single deck design. They continued in service until the closure of that system and then saw further revenue operating service in Valencia [SALTUV], again until that system also closed. Finally, a few were acquired by Pontevedra [TEP] until that system also closed. As this was the last trolleybus network in Spain, there operating life was over.

However one of these vehicles is preserved in Barcelona and is the property of the Association of Friends of Railroad of Barcelona [AAFCB]. It is housed in the Transports Metropolitans of Barcelona [TMB] garage, as can be seen in the picture. [Click on picture for an enlargement].