Message from the webmaster, David Bradley.


It is with regret that I have to inform visitors to this web site that the excellent map of the Nottingham

Trolleybus system previously appearing on this page has had to be removed. A probable oversight

on my part of not seeking permission from the copyright owner has caused umbridge with the receipt

of this email:



From: Andrew Staton <>

Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2022 2:47 PM


Subject: [DBOL] Nottingham Trolleybus Map

Importance: High


Dear Sir,


I note that you have on your website my map of the Nottingham trolleybus system.


I am not aware that I have given permission for this to be shown on your website; and there is no

acknowledgment to the creator of it – me. The fact that our logo appears in the map’s bottom

left-hand corner is not sufficient.


I am quite willing to enter into discussions with you over your continuing to show my map but,

unless or until you have those discussions with me, I have to insist that you remove it immediately.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours faithfully

Andrew Staton




Since the inception of this web site way back in 1998, there have been over four million visitors to

this web site and I have feely given permission to a wide range of people and organisations to use

the pictures on this web site, in most cases without the need for a reproduction fee. Almost of the

pictures found here were taken by my and I have been assisted from friends and indeed from

visitors to this site with additional material to use on the site.


Over time the material has taken on a historical significance and I am very humbled that others have

wished to reuse selected items found here. The cost to me has been huge in the time creating the

site in the first place and its ongoing hosting and domain fees from a site that generates no income.

However, due to a change in personal circumstances, no maintenance of the web site has taken

place since 2016, apart from a few minor modifications to take account of features that have been

discontinued. like Flash.


I don't have the time nor inclination to interact with Andrew Staton but would have spent a few minutes

adding  an acknowledgment of this maps source if so requested. To be frank, I have no idea how the

map found its way on to this web site and if my archived emails went back as far as ten years or more,

I am sure I would have found the appropriate authority to use the map. I do take copyright issues very



So as of 23rd October 2022, the map has been removed from this web site as requested. I am sorry

that your enjoyment of this web site has fallen short of your expectations and perhaps one day I will

find a suitable replacement to appear with the acquiesce of the copyright holder. Meanwhile, a search

using Google for a Nottingham trolleybus map might satisfy your needs.


Remember this is a hobby site placed into cyberspace for the enjoyment of those that remember

trolleybuses with the hope to see then return to the streets of the UK.


David Bradley