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Service introduced on 1 May 1928
Ceased on 15 April 1967

This page is a selection of pictures from uk-trolleys
Reproduced here with permission of the copyright owner.

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ms64a ms56 ms56
Pictures SCT1, 2 and 3
Upper Stone Street
Picture SCT4
Bishop's Palace stop [Mill Street] - the Rootes showroom can be seen in the background.
sct5 ms86
Pictures SCT5 and SCT6
Mill Street at the Bishop's Palace stop. This was the stop for the Maidstone and District bus station.
ms51a ms55 ms89a
Pictures SCT7, SCT8 and SCT9
Bishops Avenue [opened in 1964 and probably the last road in Maidstone to be wired!].
The old Fairmeadow Power Station can be seen in the background.
ms89 ms64 ms70 ms51
Pictures SCT9, SCT10, SCT11 and SCT13
Bishops Way

Acknowledgements to "Tony Hocking" <> and
"Nigel Chatfield" <>
for caption information.