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Walnut Tree Road, Erith Walnut Tree Road, Erith
Pictures 407 and 397
At the top of Walnut Tree Road, Erith. Just outside the Town Hall. The building behind the bus is the public library. In the distance can be seen a ship on the Thames.

In picture 407, the blind is showing Woolwich which is in the other direction, the trolley could have been on a short working.

Just a few yards around the corner from this picture, the Erith Wheatley Hotel could be found.
Picture 401
Dartford. The event is captured by Terry Russell using his 8mm movie camera.
Dartford Terminus dl1 - No enlargement available yet Pictures 404 and DL1
Dartford Terminus outside the local library
Walnut Tree Road Picture 533
Walnut Tree Road, Erith on the turning circle that was put in for the 694 route. The building in the background, Burndept, which became Vidor Burndept, is on the other side of Erith High Street. The pool was built on the spare land. The only thing left on this picture, indeed for some way either side is the Erith Sea Scouts, in different premises [their badge can be seen on the hut]. This was all to do with flood defence work.
Watling Street Watling Street
Pictures 517 and 409
Watling Street between Bexleyheath Broadway and London Road, Crayford.
The same scene in 2005
Plumstead High Street / Wickham Lane junction Plumstead High Street / Wickham Lane junction
Pictures 560 and 406
Plumstead High Street / Wickham Lane junction. This is the point where the 696 and 698 part company, the 698 goes straight on to Abbey Wood, while the 696 turns off to go to Welling.
Plumstead Road Picture TT2
Plumstead Road. It looks as if the conductor of the tram has lowered his trolley pole to let the trolleybus pass. At this point trams and trolleys shared the overhead unlike McLoud Road where the overhead was separate and allowed for overtaking. The ex LCC E1 tram 578 was scrapped in September 1952. The missing route stencil on the tram probably dates the picture as July 1952.
The 696 was converted from the 96 tram which ran to Horns Cross, [near today's Bluewater].
It was replaced by a 96 bus which ran to Dartford, but has now been extended to the new Bluewater shopping complex.
The 698 trolleybus was replaced by the 229 bus, the route was then extended to Orpington station.
A 132 bus also ran from Woolwich to Bexleyheath via Erith. The route then went to Danson Road, and on to Eltham Well Hall.

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Original picture by Palle Nilsson, Graphics by Dave Wilsher - What might have been .......
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Picture TT2 is from Toby & John's Local Transport History WEB site.
All other black and white pictures were taken by on a very quiet Sunday afternoon with
the noticeable lack of road traffic and trolleybus passengers due, in part, to no Sunday trading in 1959.

Picture DL1 is from the Robert Harley collection and was taken by the late Alan Watkins.
Reproduced with the kind permission of Ann Watkins.

Acknowledgements to "Chris Cook" <C.Cook@btinternet.com>
, "John King" <JKing77189@aol.com>
and "Bob Wingrove" <bob.wingrove@bt.com> for caption information