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Trolley Weekend 2000
Pictures on this page were taken on the 9th and 10th September 2000
Frustratingly the event did not open until 1pm on the Saturday
so pictures 1101 to 1109 were taken from outside the Museum during the long wait to gain entry.

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Maidstone #52 and Derby #224
Picture 1101
Maidstone #52 and Derby #224 await the call of duty from visitors later in the day.
London tram #1858
Picture 1102
London tram #1858 is pulled out of the depot but ....
London Tram 1858 Out of Service
Picture 1103
.... is found to have an electrical fault and was therefore unable to offer rides to visitors during the weekend. Ride Amsterdam 474 ?
London Trolleybus #260 making a test run
Picture 1104
London #260 makes a test run passing through the Museum's turning circle and main boarding point.
London Trolleybus #260 making a test run
Picture 1105
The test run continues pass London tram #1858.
Waiting for Service Waiting for Service
Pictures 1106 and 1107
Eventually #260 is laid up for service later in the day.
Museum Entrance
Picture 1108
The view observed as we queue to enter the Museum.
Maidstone #52 and Derby #224
Picture 1109
Spoilt for choice as Maidstone #52 and Derby #224 await their first passengers of the day for free rides.
London #1521 depot bound
Picture 1110
London #1521 hides at the rear of the depot.
London #1201 London #1768
Pictures 1111 and 1112
Lurking around the back of the depot, London #1201 and #1768 are available for service later in the day. This was the last weekend of operation of London #1768 before the vehicle was to be returned to London Transport and therefore the last time that it would be 'powered up'.
London #1201 and #1768 London #1201 and #1768
Pictures 1113 and 1114
Further views of London #1201 and #1768 waiting for the call of duty.
London #1768 London #1768
Pictures 1115 and 1116
Interior pictures of London #1768.
Driver wanted; passenger on top awaits a ride.