System Opened: 20 June 1940
Closed: 28 October 1978
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25 London trolleybus ran in Bilbao from 1962 to 1978, routes 2,4,5,6,8 and 10

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Picture E005
Route 8 San Anton - Hospital [Av. Montevideo near Hospital Terminus]
Picture E006
Route 15 Bilbao - Santurce [Av. Montevideo near Hospital] 287 Ex London 1887
Picture E018
Route 5 ; Jose Antonio. Localización [site]. Plaza eliptica frente al gobierno civil. Eliptic square in front of the Civil Gouvernement.
Picture E024
Route 2 Elorrieta: Botica vieja street in front of the "Euskalduna" shipyard
Picture E022
The depot was situated on Ribera de Deusto. The photograph does not show any covered accommodation, but I seem to recall it was a little further along the road. The line of trolleybuses shown are adjacent to the garage, having finished their immediate duties, whereas the Q1 overtaking would be an Elorrieta service trolleybus [Route 2] which ran past the garage.
Picture E028
This is Elorrieta terminus. Route number 2 is clearly shown on the Q1 and the cab appears to be empty, the driver no doubt spending the layover time in conversation with the conductor. The conductor was seated at a desk over the rear nearside twin axle. In 1970-1, there was a flat fare of 2 pesetas. The Q1s had very little seating downstairs, perhaps no more than 8 seats, the rest of the space being a large standee area. Upstairs there was little change, other than that obviously caused by the fitting of a central staircase.
Picture E030
Route 2
San Nicolas - Elorrieta
[Ribera de Zorrozaurre]
Picture E032
Route 4
Castaños - Recaldeberri
[Arenal Bridge]
Picture E1125
Route 10
Arenal - Torre Urizar
[Zabalburu Square]
Picture E1104
Route 4 Castaños - Recaldeberri [Tivoli - Campo Volantin]
E1108 More Information
Picture E1108
Route 4, at its northern end, terminated in Calle Castaños. Setting off on its return to Recaldeberri, it turned left into Calle Fontecha Salazar, left into Calle Huertes de la Villa, left into Calle Múgica y Butrón, then right back into Calle Castaños.

The Q1 is turning from Calle Fontecha Salazar into Calle Huertes de la Villa.
Picture E1116
Route 6
Achuri - Indauchu
[Achuri Station]
Picture E1129
Route 4: Recaldeberri Atravesando la calle Gregorio balparda [hoy calle autonomía] desde la calle Gordoniz.
Picture E1130
Route 8 San Anton - Hospital [Hospital Terminus] 847 ex London 1847
Picture E1136
Route 4 Castaños - Recaldeberri [Gordoniz St. near Recaldeberri Bridge] 867 ex London 1867

Acknowledgements to "Juan Carlos Armendariz" <> and
"Miguel Martin Zurimendi" <>
for caption information together with other detail provided by David Towers [see below].

From: "David Towers" <>

I was referred to your site by Dick Gilbert and found it fascinating; the reason for my contact was that I spent some 5-6 months in Bilbao in 1970-1, spending some considerable time riding around on the trolleybuses. During and prior to my stay, a lot of the Q1s had received/were receiving a more modern, brighter livery incorporating a lot more white relief. I suspect therefore that as this new livery does not feature in any of the photographs depicted, they were taken in the 1960s.

It was marvellous to see the photographs of the trolleybuses; do we know when the two diesel conversions were withdrawn?